My daughter's hair is 3c, dry and breaking. I need help.

My daughter's hair is 3c, dry and breaking. I need help. I already cut 4 inches off. I've been using natural coconut oil and the breakage is worse. Now it's up to her neck. I use wide tooth comb, keep it in a protective style (braids), but no matter what, it just breaks like crazy. Just bought some hair grease. Took her to a shop two months ago and the lady pressed it & said to keep it pressed by using a hot comb. Did that once after. Ever since, my 8 year old daughter's hair just breaks and breaks. That was the last time i pressed it and i think that's what caused the major damage. Prior to all that, her hair was extremely dry and her ends were dead and brittle. Please help. I'm currently using As I Am hair products on her. 

1 Answer

Buy a thick leave in conditioner/cream. There is a cheap one "African Pride Shea Butter Leave In Conditioner" which is really thick and moisturizing, and I think it would do wonders for your daughters hair. Also, like once a week do a deep condition with oil. Maybe not coconot oil, it doesn't work for everybody. Try olive oil and avocado oil, and actually just a bunch of oils that you have! Mix them together, and then once a week give her a scalp massage with oil, and spread it evenly on her hair. Then let it sit for a couple of hours, and wash it out with shampoo :)