How Do You Encourage Your Daughter to Love Her Hair?

Having children is an adventure in and of itself. Having children with curly hair is double the fun. :) What are some tips for getting your curly child to love their hair and avoid the pressure from school or the media to have straight hair?

3 Answers

I think the best way to encourage your children to love their hair is to show them how much YOU love your hair. My whole family from my mother, to my older sister, to my aunts, and all my cousins straightened their hair. If they kept their hair curly and healthy I would've never had a doubt in my mind that I loved my curly hair. Something that helped was getting constant compliments from my extended family about how beautiful my hair was and my mother and sister forbidding me to straighten my hair. Eventually I realized I was just gonna have to learn to work with my hair not against it and support from my family definitely helped with that. All in all, celebrate your child's hair as well as your own to show them how special curly hair really is.
I want to give you a child's perspective. I think the best way to get her to love her hair is just to show her how beautiful it is. Like on other people and show her what you can do to it. That's how I grew to love my hair.
I think its important for parents to be united and open minded when they encourage their daughter to love their hair. Be accepting when your daughter is experimenting with different looks but also show sincere interest. It's not just important for mothers to encourage self-love but for dads to encourage and accept it too!! A girl gets her confidence from her mother's encouragement and her father's approval. In my house, my dad always had the last say. But my mom was the one to talk with my dad and bring him around. If he didn't like my hair, my mom would usually be in my corner fighting for me, and I think this is important for all girls. Daughters need their moms in their corner!