My hair is going straight at the top!! How do I prevent and reverse this?!

Hey! Im new to this site so please dont judge! I didn't know what to choose for the topic so I just chose kids as I am 12 years old.Anyways... My hair has always been perfect ringlet curly, but since around May my hair has began to become straight and very frizzy at the top... Ive been using some frizz spray to try and control it but other then that I have not used any products on my hair (other than my regular shampoo and conditioner) and I haven't done anything different with it. I straighten my hair very rarely now as i considered that being the problem but i've straightened my hair since i was nine years old with the exact same straighteners, heat setting and protection spray and i've never had a problem before! I am willing to take almost any advice as long as it doesn't involve me cutting my hair off as ive had suggested before. Thanks to anyone that answers, I really appreciate it.Oh and by the way if you need an example just look at my profile picture or check out the pictures I added with the question.

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