Hair type and Care

What type of hair is this and how do I care for it.  Her hair is kind of thick, course and frizzy. She is 12 and very consious of her hair. Her scalp is dry and itches her. I am currently using 100% Pure Burdock & Neem shampoo and conditioner on it. I need advise on both how to treat her dry itchy flaky scalp and how to care for her hair. She washes it once a week. This picture is a "very good" hair day. It is still frizzy. If she goes outside in our Mississippi humidity or when it is raining it curls up pretty tight. Her curls are about the size of a man's finger. Her hair starts off at the top as wavy then transitions to curly. Now she has curls growing up top too. Her hair is an awful mess and she doesn't wan to cut it. We would rather use all natural products. We have tried home made shapmpoo, DIva CUrl, the no poo method and all sorts of shampoos and condtioners with no success. Please help!!The good day photo down there is a result of nearly an hours work. It tangles real easy. The underside of her hair is curlier than the top side and it matts all up. I  cant use a brush of any kind. I have a hand polised wide tooth comb that i use with condationer. but the next day it is all frizzy and nappy again.

1 Answer

She has type 2b