Help with 2 year old thinning what's the best products for her hair HELP

I'm a first time mother to a 2 year old. Maintaining her hair is the most dreadful, frustrating, depressing thing thing...her hair is thinning around the edges, it's breaking off, it's brittle and dry and I have no clue what to use on her hair it's to the point now it's stressing me out because I want her hair to be healthy, I want her hair to grow, and to be be strong...any suggestions 

1 Answer

I would recommend that you stay away from styling her hair as much as possible. Tight braids and other styles that pull on the root can pull out her hair and cause thinning. Let her hair rest, she's 2, so its definitely okay for her to wear a cute little fro everyday and nothing else (a headband that's not tight is ok too). Think low maintenance, low manipulation. Try using shea butter while her hair is still wet melt it in your hands and massage gently into her hair (you can usually get at a natural foods grocery store) and SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie is also very moisturizing. A very moisturizing conditioner is III Sisters of Nature. Try to avoid shampoos with sulfates (laurel sulfate...) they dry out the hair. SheaMoisture shampoos are a good option. When you comb/detangle her hair, make sure its still wet after a shampoo and comb through in sections holding the base of the hair and combing out the ends first then moving up towards the roots. If you need to comb her hair the next day or after it has dried, wet the hair with a spray bottle of water and add some conditioner to the water to help with making the combing easier. Don't try to comb her hair when its dry as it will cause a lot of breakage.My sister used the shea butter and Curl Enhancing Smoothie and before that, when her daughter was having a problem with thinning too, she started to massage Jamaican Black Castor Oil into the scalp daily where the thinning was occurring. Either the castor oil helped or she grew out of it, so give head some time to rest and the hair to grow back. Then, still, stay away from any styles that require you to pull tightly on the hair until she's a few years older, then still be careful to only add in styles like braids every once in a while, less often is better. Other styles like single braids and two-strand twists or pigtail/puffs (not pulled too tightly) are okay to start doing as she gets older and her starts to grow again.I really hope this helps!