Hi! Help! How to I protect my two year old's hair?

My baby has a lot of hair and i do cornrows or double strand twists to protect it. However the hair that is exposed (where the parts are) is what is breaking off so it looks fuzzy. She will not keep a satin cap are scarf on. What am I missing? CoPoo, I use Oyin products, Coconut oil, Jamaican Black oil etc. Is it realistic to think that I can truly protect her hair at this young age since she is always rubbing her head on weird surfaces. Any assistance is greatly appreciated Thank you so much! KurlyIsis

2 Answers

Have you ever considered using a satin pillowcase when she sleeps? That will take away the fuss of having to keep a cap on. Do you oil her scalp regularly and have you heard of the LOC method for retaining moisture? 
Thank you so much for responding! :) I tried the pillowcase and it ended up under her feet or on the floor. I think the pillowcase will work when she stays in one spot for most of the night. She is all over the crib right now. :) Yes I use Jamaican black and coconut oil daily. Is that right? I just learned of the LOC method but have yet to come across a cream that does not dry up and leave white residue. Do you have any recommendations for the entire LOC system? Thanks again