Hi I'm a kid. I just found this website. Where do I get started?? This is so overwhelming

I don't know where to get started. I think I have 3b hair. But I can't even see my curl pattern anymore because it's so frizzy. I never have straightened my hair before but I always put it in buns. I don't use shampoo with sulfates but my hair is still terrible. It takes a while for my hair to get soaking wet when I wash it. My hair is dry and brittle. Please help. All this information is overwhelming!

1 Answer

Welcome! here is chart to help you identify curl pattern.Go over curl talk you will get more replies there.First thing is to determine what your hair needs, it seems you have low porosity so you need products that will penetrate the hair strand and give moisture. Do a research on hair porosity and that will clarify any doubts you have.Good luck