How do you control frizz on super fine 2C hair with loads of volume?

My 7 yr old daughter has long fine hair with a lot of volume. I believe it's 2C like mine though her waves are much tighter and stronger (no ringlets though, so it's definitely wavy). The problem is that her hair frizzes no matter what I do, how I style it, what products I put in it (light oils, heavier creams, etc). I know she's a kid and that it's gonna poof up from running around and sweating but even on her sick days or when I braid it (braid to her head, not plaits) she still ends up with a halo of frizz, lol. Could it be that her hair is more fragile due to being fine and it keeps breaking off so all the short hairs stick up in the air? I keep forgetting to check the porosity of her hair, but other than that... any suggestions?

1 Answer

Does it bother her? I wouldn't worry about it. She's just a kid. :)