What can I put on my 1yr olds hair to maintain moisture, softness & health?

My 1yr old has lost that sweet soft beautiful newborn hair & has developed 3c/4b type hair. I don't wanna use adult products on his hair because I'm afraid they'll strip his hair or damage it. I wash his hair w/Johnson & Johnson products for babies & follow behind w/Shea butter for moisture but his hair sucks it right up & is always dry afterwards. Any suggestions?

2 Answers

Johnson and Johnson shampoo is probably the culprit where dryness is concerned. Even though it's for babies, it can still strip out natural oils. I would suggest the baby line from Shea moisture for a new cleanser. It should help retain more of his natural hair oil so that the Shea Butter can do it's it work. I would also suggest using a lite leave in or moisturizer before you seal in that moisture with the Shea butter. You can use something from Shea moisture or any kids line, but I find Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie or extra moisture transitioning milk to be good moisturizers (especially the milk) and SheaMoisture has a very natural/gentle ingredient list so, you don't have to worry about not using kid-specific products. I hope that helps!
Your could use natural curly hair products for kids