How do I get my daughters hair to grow?

My daughter is biracial and has 3c hair. I would never compare her to any other mixed kids but she's starting to notice her hair isn't like other kids (long). There's mixed kids that go to her school  (shes almost 5) and they have like 3a-3b hair and it's significantly longer. I'll attach photos of her hair. I love her hair but it's so short. She's my oldest child and I'm not making excuses but I really had no idea of how to care for her hair. I thought it would just grow on its own and now I feel guilty because she has split ends and it's really dry. I have to treat it like another child and I honestly didn't know until almost a year ago I started researching how to properly take care of her hair. I have a great hair care regimine now. It's looks sooooo much more healthier and it hardly ever sheds. It still won't grow though. Help me please. I can break down what I use on her hair if you need to know (I tried kids products and they don't cut it. I literally tried every kids product for mixed kids. The only kids product I use now is Cantu care for kids shampoo and conditioner. Everything else is for adults.)

2 Answers

let her drink a lot of water and message her head for 5 minutes everyday to encourage hair growth  , and try putting coconut oil on her scalp and hair overnight my mom used to do this to me that's why my hair is so strong and thick , and i also heard that eggs help with hair growth , ok so try this :do this at night , first put one egg or two all over her hair with some olive oil mixed in (or any kind of oil) and wrap her head with a towel or a plastic bag and  let it set for an hour and then rinse it with cold water so you don't cook up the eggs and then put coconut oil all over her hair overnight and if the coconut oil is stuck on her hair the next day do an apple cider vinegar rinse to get it all out , that's how to grow hair overnight ,  measure her hair before and after this treatment to see if it actually made a difference if it did make a difference  i don't recommend using the eggs a lot maybe once a month 
When i was a kid i had short hair for a very long time it started to grow slowly when i was in elementary school , so don't worry it's normal