I would like to temporarily straighten my 5 year olds hair?

My 5 year old has her VPK graduation next month. I want to temporarily straighten her hair for the ceremony. She has huge frizzy hair. I love it but I just want do something different. What is the safest way to go about doing this? Please see attached image. 

2 Answers

there is a method of setting the hair by wrapping the car around the head an then drying the hair that in theory causes no damage, you can also dry her hair with a round brush and the hairdryer on cold(might take a while) for no damage, or medium if you want too speed it up a but. Id recommend cold, it will take a while longer so you should wrap her hair in a towel for 20 mins or so and use a light anti-humectant, my sisters hair responds too coconut oil, a pea size amount through the ends only before the blow dry it. EDIT: the hair will need too be wet too begin with and you will need too put enough tension too make the hair straight, as much as she can tolerate 
I would suggest allowing her to see a hair stylist who is used to working with young children with natural hair as this sounds like her first time for a straightening. If you choose to do it yourself use a heat protectant and use the lowest setting possible.You can also just do a roller set and then wrap the hair like on the video below. Less damaging and you end up with amazingly straight hair!Hope this helps,Sabrina