I made the mistake a while ago of straightening my daughter's hair. How can I grow it & repair curl?

A long time ago I straighten my daughter hair so I could manage the curly hair better, unfortunately it seemed to have made her hair very thin and fragile. I would like to return her hair to it's natural curly state so that it can grow full and thick. How can I do this? She is multi-racial and was 6 at the time. Now she is 8. 

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Begin with a healthy regimen of cleansing, moisturizing, and protective styling. Try to find products specifically for curly children's hair- SheaMoisture has a children's line. I've never tried it but I've heard great things about it. You may also want to get baby girl a good trim/hair cut. This ensures you all are starting with fairly healthy ends. This is important because damage can travel up a shaft to create MORE damage, so if she has split or brittle ends, this could jeopardize her healthier roots. A good generic regimen to start with is as follows:1x cleanse2-3x DC3x- 7x Moisturize and Seal7x Protective style or low-manipulation styleMonthly or as needed- Protein treatments, clarify
Hi Tiffany.Barb,What did you use to straighten her hair? Was it a permanent chemical straightening product or did you just use heat? Either way it seems like her hair has been damaged, which means that you would need to let her hair grow out while trimming off the thin damaged ends.You said it has been 2 years since you straightened it. How does the 2 years worth of new growth look? Is it thicker, curly and healthier-looking than the ends that were straightened? If it is then you are probably already doing fine and you just need to start trimming the damaged ends and inch or so at a time as her hair grows out. To make sure her hair continues to grow out strong and healthy, be sure to keep it well moisturized. Stay away from chemical treatments and heat (including blowdrying). Blowdrying with a diffuser attachment or on low heat every once in a while is okay, but shouldn't be more than a biweekly care practice. Be sure you are using a sulfate-free cleanser or a cleansing conditioner on wash days to retain moisture. Detangle her hair when wet with lots of conditioner in it to make detangling easier. Use a water-based (one of first 5 ingredients is water) moisturizer or leave-in conditioner while her hair is still damp or wet. Apply an oil of some kind like olive, coconut (use sparingly), jojoba, grapeseed, or argan or another oil blend, but if it a blend, make sure there is nothing but oil in the ingredients (NOT mineral oil or petrolatum or paraffin liquidinum). Then use a moisturizing curl cream, pudding or custard to style a wash and go or put her hair in braids or twists. Also, try to deep condition at least every other wash day especially if you are not using a cleansing conditioner.Once you trim off all the damaged ends, her hair will look even thicker and healthier!I hope that helps!