I need help with my daughter's scalp condition.

I have a 8 year old  little girl, and her scalp gets really flaky and has tons of dandruff. Her hair wasn't always like this, it started about 2 years ago. I keep it washed and mositurized. But after doing that....about 3 days later the flakes and dandruff form again...and it will not go away. I've used so many products, but I am now using Natural Oasis hair oil, which is working okay, but still alot of washing . I've even tried a Apple Cider vingear rinse. Still comes back. Sometimes the flakes will be in a few spots on her scalp, and then other times it will be her whole head. I just want her hair back healthy and growing. So I was just wondering what this is, or what I could do, to keep it under control. If you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it! Thank-you!

1 Answer

I had the exact same problem as a child, particularly around that age. My mom took me to dermatologists and I used tea tree shampoo. Nothing seemed to cure it but time. Now as an adult I will have "flare ups" but not as bad as a child.  I would try dermatologist to rule out any medical condition and give it some time.