I need help figuring out my daughters hair type. She is 2.

Hello. I am the mother of a bi-racial daughter and son. My baby girl is 2 and son is 6 months. My daughters hair is to her shoulders but shrinks almost 75% of its length. Her hair is not incredibly thick and very soft still. I need help determining her hair type so I can make sure I am caring for it properly. Any help or tips are greatly appreciated!

2 Answers

you can take the hair type quiz on here. It looks like she's a type 4 but I'm not sure which letter
Hi, I have read your question and the picture, and from the way her curls look, I would think that she has a coarse 3b/3c texture, but that could change as she ages. I can also tell that she has the most beautiful texture I've ever seen, with the proper care and maintenance her curls will be amazing, P.S. If you plan on cutting your sons hair please refrain from using electric clippers to cut his hair, it was done to me at a young age and it altered my hair texture forever, it went from soft 3b hair to coarse 3c hair, I would advise that you cut his hair with hair scissors to maintain his true texture. By the way, I have 3 sisters and 1 brother and we are all biracial/African American and White. I understand your struggle completely. My mom went through the same thing. I hope this information helped you.