i put a straightener in her hair only once and don't know what to do now

i put a texturizer in my four year old hair about a year ago and her hair haven't gotten back right since...its not growing, dry, and i can see her texture at the roots but the ends are straight. Please somebody help!

1 Answer

If you can see the new growth, then it is growing! The chemical as you know, has permanently changed the texture of her existing hair. She's a baby -- her hair isn't "set in stone" yet -- her hair texture now may not be the same hair texture in a year or two and it especially will change when she's a teenager. So I don't advise using chemicals to change something that is still developing. In my personal opinion, I would (1) stop using texturizers (2) cut off the straight ends and start over with the healthy new growth (3) use moisturizing, natural products to care for her hair. Shea moisture has a kids line available in Target. For more kids info, check out the kids section of the website! http://www.naturallycurly.com/topics/view/kids/ hope that helps :)