I'm a white single mother of a biracial toddler boy with 4B curls. Best way to care for his hair?

I have experimented with multiple products and nothing I have used seems to moisturizer his hair for any real length of time or keeps his curls from clumping at the crown of his head. I've resorted to just keeping it short but would love to be able to let it grow if I can learn how to properly care for it. Any advice is appreciated. 

4 Answers

Hey I just found this website and it has the basic children hair care regimen. Hope this helps.http://www.naturalhairkids.com/basic-regimen/
One of my favorite mommy Youtubers is GirlsLoveYourCurls (she has a son too!) Great tips, thorough explanation. Hope this helps!
Get a good shampoo and a really good conditioner . Keep it clean and moisturise .
those products are really good . They are a little pricey but so worth it . Shea products are really good for kids hair .