Now that I'm a working mom my girls' hair is dry.

My daughters have very naturally dry hair. I only wash once a week, but if I don't deep moisturize almost every night, they're in trouble. I can occasionally skip a day when I've got braids in, but any loose curls styles leave their hair super dry by the second day. Since I'm now a working mom, their hair care is a nighttime scarf with deal moisture cream at night, and a touch up in the morning, no-poo wash and fulll detangle  once a week with significant moisturizer   I (used to spend 2+ hours a day with full on moisture every day and their hair was beautiful!) after two years of this routine, their hair  is getting dry and breaking more and more. I don't put in over tight styles to avoid breakage, but I do French braids and braids a lot.  I can't dampen and moisturize and detangle every day and I'm worried about the breakage which is becoming significant now they have  lots of fly away from 2-4 inches long. I'm using deva products and cantu Shea butter leave in deap moisture at night, and I have to put cantu under any gel/mousse/curl activators or there's too much breakage. I'm putting pics for you to see healthy looking hair and latest photos with dry hair. You can see when their hair is back there are lots of broken fly always, and you can see in the photo with the turquoise jackets, how dry their hair looks. I don't really like to put their hair in braids anymore because of the fly always- it looks like I didn't do their hair by the end of the day! 

1 Answer

I'm also a girl with curls, but mine aren't as big and pretty, but I know that hair butters are good for getting hair moisturized when its very dry, leave in conditioner well too, but make sure its for your daughters hair type, you can take the hairtype quiz on this website, it can recommend the products you need! I realm hope this works well for you! Good luck!