Should kids spend as much time on their hair as adults?

Hi, I am eleven years old and I'm very confused. I have always been natural   throughout my entire life but at the age of ten I started taking a huge interest in my hair. But my entire family ( and sometimes I) think I put to much product in my hair. I put at least 10 products in my hair everyday, deep condition weekly, and wash weekly as we'll and condition heavily. I also notice my hair is shorter now than when I was nine and my sisters hair is longer than mine and she is only 8 and my mom does her hair with only Johnson's baby shampoo and leave in and just for me. Please help me ASAP. I've been praying as we'll. ( The first photo is when I was nine the second is when I was ten and the third is my current age eleven)God Bless

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I know exactly how you feel. I'm a kid too! My hair length right now (without being stretched) is about shoulder length. I personally always used to put a bunch of products in my hair EVERY DAY.  But I really wanted to know what was best for my 3c hair. What I do right now is on wash days, I'll deep condition, rinse, then detangle with Shea moisture conditioner and rinse (air dry). I try to use as much products on wash days, so that it will last through the week. I won't have to apply more products each day, because my hair is already moisturized. I hope this concept makes sense. We'll get through it together! :)Hope this helps!
I know exactly how you feel about feeling like your doing to much to your hair at a young age. I'm 14 and I can honestly say that 10 products a day is way too much. All that's gonna do is weigh your hair down and cause breakage. That's why you notice your hair getting shorter. Kids should spend less time on their hair just because they should be able to style it and wear until it starts to look messy. Adults change up styles constantly, hence why they spend more time doing their hair. Try to develop a regimen that doesn't have to use so many products. All you really need a good Leave in and something to seal the moisture in. Other things are unnecessary. What 10 products do you put in your hair daily? I'm pretty sure half of them are useless.  
kids should care about their hair just as much as adults do.I say this because when I was in elementary , my hair was down to my butt because of how good my mom took care of my hair . Then one summer , she told me I had to start taking car of it on my own and I didn't listen to her. I went swimming almost every day , I never detangled , and I barley washed my hair, by the end of the summer my hair was so bad that I had to get it cut all the way to my ears . That's a lot of length so now that I understand my mistake , I think it's great for kids to learn how to take care of their hair at a early age But putting in 10 products isn't really needed . It looks like you're hair got shorter because your curl pattern tightened , which is a good thing ! Either that or you haven't gotten a trim in a while and your hair has broken off . The over conditioning may be a problem because too much moisture can break your hair off. But by the looks in your pictures our hair seems pretty healthy . Washing once a week is ok , it's good to cleanse your scalp so oils don't build up. But you should only condition on your wash day . And if you can , try to deep condition every 2 weeks since some deep conditioners are so intense that they only need to be used twice a month . As for the products , you should try just using a moisturizing leave in conditioner and a oil when it's time to style , your hair doesn't look like it needs a lot of products ,But KD you know something works for you then keep doing it ! Hope this helps 
Just an FYI, to add to what has been already said, your hair might change as you go through puberty & continue to grow up. Many people make the mistake of assuming it happens over a course of a few months, when in fact, puberty can last for years! As with any type of hormone change (puberty, pregnancy, medically induced, etc), the change can affect your hair. In short, the hair you have now may not be the hair you have at 16. And the hair you have at 16 may not be the hair you have at 25. That is also why your younger sister uses different products than you or your mother & still gets beautiful results.As for the number of products, if they are working for you great! If they aren't, definitely switch something up. You can try experimenting by leaving something out, so you can see if it's really benefiting your hair. I personally use only 1 product daily & deep condition only twice a month, but everyone is different. Sometime less is more...but sometimes more is more! You'll only know if you try for yourself.