My mixed-race 10 yo hates her curls, wants long straight hair. But she's beautiful as is, any advic

She is surrounded by girls with naturally long straight hair at school and equates this with beauty. Her ringlets are beautiful, the type of hair that is sought after by many, just not, apparently, in our neighborhood.  She recently damaged her hair by sneaking different chemicals in it to try and lighten and straighten it and now her bangs are frizzy and orange.  It looks horrible, so she just ties it back every day and puts a scarf around it.  I want to take her to a curly salon to bring back the natural goodness, but I'm afraid she will hate it so much she will get her hands on something even stronger next time and damage it again.  I love her so much it makes me cry that she can't see her own beauty. 

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definitely take her to a curly hair salon ASAP .Not only will they fix her hair , she will be surrounded by people who have hair just like her . They can give her some advice and help her and show her that her hair is gorgeous and that she isn't alone . You should also take her to a natural curly hair con whenever they have another one so she can be surrounded by women with curls . 
I see you are a 3b, and I'm not sure how you style your hair but perhaps you could introduce her to some good curly-hair role models, so she will see beautiful, confident, natural women.
Same here I have 3b/3c hair, I used hate my hair so bad that I used to straighten my hair everyday.oneday I was really bored and was on Youtube and and got to Sunkissalba's, ShamelessMaya and so many more curly Youtubers. They inspired me! So my point is that You should introduces her to Youtube And let her know that she has such a beautiful hair
Ohhh yeah I forgot to say Kee heat away from her
Hi there!I used to hate my hair until last year. I was always jealous of girls that had naturally straight hair. I would definitely take her to a curly salon.I'd also tell her that people-or some people-love curly hair. Take a look at taylor swift, shakira, and lorde. They are all admired for their crazy, imperfect hair! What do the Victoria's Secret weirdos do to the model's hair? Curl it.What do most high school girls do to their hair for prom? Curl it.Your daughter has what other people slave for! I wouldn't be myself without my crazy hair. An instance that hit the nail on the top of my head was when a 9 year old friend asked me why my hair was curly. I said "because God wanted me to have crazy hair". He then laughed and said "I like it".Beauty isn't in the eye of the beholder. It's in yourself.
Thanks everyone for the great advice.  I appreciate it.  We are going to the curly salon, get those curls back in shape, and take it from there.  Lots of good info here, I am loving those youtube videos, Katu.  :)
Definitely encourage her to love her hair, but let's be honest, if she's really keen on having a straight style, she's going to keep trying to find a way to do it. I know, I was there once myself! As an alternative to chemicals, try setting her hair in large rollers (the largest possible for her hair/head, ask the salon to advise the size) & let them dry naturally in the sun on a Saturday morning. You can also do a cap dryer, but its more damaging than air-drying. This will let her enjoy having straighter hair occasionally, without permanently altering or damaging it.