my daughters hair is a 3b and her hair is all over. i need help what to use for her curls and frizz

her shampoo seems to dry out her hair so i havent used it. i need help what can i use to help control the frizz and keep her ringlets nice and bouncy. 

2 Answers

Try using got2b glossy fir the frizz. And deep condition her hair every week and you can still use her original shampoo! I hope this helps!
What are you using? For  my toddler with 3b curls I use Johnson's Baby No More Tangles Shampoo 2-in-1 Formula for Thick/Curly Hair and my conditioner, for now Im using pantene soon I'll try shea moisture. As soon as I finish with him I'll put some leave in like long term relationship from herbal essences or neutrogena triple moisture. Hope this helps.