My four year old son has a extremely dry hair, what products work best?

My four year old has a combination of curly/straight hair, but it is extremely dry. I have tried several products, oil rinses and leave in conditioners. But nothing seems to moisturize the curls. As his hair continues to grow and thicken, he lose curl definition and gain frizz. The only time his hair has curl definition and moisture is wet. Then it shrinks and dries to frizz.  He actually has very beautiful curls, but I cannot find the right products for him. My husband has said to keep it cut low and brush often. But as a curly girl myself, I know that this is not the best option.

5 Answers

What a cutie! I use Andalou Naturals on my kids' hair. Moisturizing and not full of junk. 
LockenFrau, thank you much for your suggestion. I will certainly give it a try.
Let us know how you like Andalou. I've also heard good things about it. Very natural.
Kinky Winky, you ladies will be the first to know. I'm going to pick it up this week, I found out that it is sold in our local Earth I won't have to order it and wait for shipping.
Have you tried coconut or Jamaican black castor oil?