Need help finding my 3 yr olds hair type & a good conditioner as her hair is very dry. Looks like 4c

Her hair so kinky & dry sometimes it breaks off. Need to find a product to condition, strengthen, & grow her hair

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First off, she is absolutely precious! Second, have you tried Cantu Shea Butter's Leave-In Conditioning Cream? My hair was severely damaged from years of flat-ironing and very dry, and after using it for a few months, it's really helped to make my hair stronger and healthier. And it isn't greasy either. I've also heard that many of their products in general are very good to use, that's just one that immediately came to mind when I read your question! Also, maybe a deep conditioning could help, but I'm not too well-versed in the do's and don'ts of hair when it comes to children, so I could be off on that one. But yeah! Cantu Shea Butter products would be good to try, as I've seen a lot of people with her hair type leave good comments on the product page.
Hey Mama! Finding out your daughter's hair porosity is more important than curl type. There are several ways to figure it out, but here is the easiest method: Take a few strands of her shed hair and put it into a glass of water. If her hair floats and doesn't sink, she has low porosity hair. If her hair waits for a minute or so and then sinks, she has medium porosity hair. If her hair immediately sinks to the bottom, she has high porosity hair. I recommend googling how to test for porosity. In fact, N.C. may have a few articles on porosity. Porosity helps you understand how best her hair absorbs moisture and what products work best for her! :)Once you know the porosity, determine if her hair is fine, medium or dense. That will help you determine how to properly manipulate and detangle her hair. Thicker strands can withstand combs and Denman brushes like a pro. Fine hair needs to be handled more gently to prevent carelessly breaking her hair. Personally, I've come to really love the following product lines: Giovanni, Kinky Curly, Jane Carter, As I Am and Camille Rose (my favorite). I have low porosity, fine, 4A hair. Meaning, I don't use a lot of heavy butters or thick leave in conditioners. Here is my process:1. Wash- Giovanni Deeper Moisture Shampoo, Giovanni 50:50 or Joico Smooth Cure2. Condition- Giovanni Deeper Moisture Conditioner, Trader Joes Nourish, or Trader Joes Tea Tree Tingle3. Detangle- Jane Carter Revitalizing Leave In or Giovanni Moisture Leave In4. Seal- Olive oil 5. Moisturize and Twist Out- Camille Rose Almond Twisting Butter and/or Camille Rose Moisture Butter*Pre-poo- I hardly do this, but when I feel like it (lol) I use olive oil and sit under a dryer for like 20 min before I shampoo. This helps low porosity hair like mine soften and hold moisture. *Deep Condition- Honestly, I don't deep condition as much as I should. Once you learn all the stats about her hair, it'll help you to determine how often. But when I do deep condition, I usually just put mayo on my hair and sit under a dryer. LOL. Smells awful, but works like a charm!Obviously, I'm an adult so these products may not work for a child. However, technique is way more important! Make sure you are being gentle when washing and detangling/styling her hair. NEVER comb it dry. NEVER move your fingers all throughout her head while washing/conditioning. You will just tangle her hair and give yourself hell trying to detangle it later. Gently massage her scalp and smooth the shampoo/conditioner throughout. If the conditioner doesn't have a lot of 'slip' you haven't found the right one yet! I always try to add a little oil on my ends to help with breakage when I'll styling. Good Luck!!!! xo
Yes, so cute!!! I wouldn't worry to much about hair type, but more about keeping it moisturized. I would suggest trying SheaMoisture conditioners and be sure to use a leave-in conditioner or moisturizer while her hair is still wet. SheaMoisture Extra Moisture Transitioning milk is a really good moisturizer to use as a leave-in while her hair is still damp.Also be sure that your shampoo or cleanser isn't drying her hair out too much. SheaMoisture shampoos are also good for cleansing while retaining moisture. The Jamaican Black Castor oil one is my favorite.There are other good product lines out there but SheaMoisture lines are usually pretty fail-safe.You could also try Nubian Heritage, Elucence, Oyin name a few.I hope that helps!