Need help to transition from chemically processed, damaged hair to natural Afro - See photos

Hi everyone. I hope I you would kindly help me out as my child's hair is in a terrible state. 1.He is five an we have processed his hair with children's relaxers.Just got wind of hair types on this site today so my guess is he has type 4C, fine hair.2. His hair is dry and breaks very badly due to poor management.3. About 3/4 of the hair is still chemically processed but most of the under-growth isn't but this ins't visible because the hait is packed in th photos.I would love to achieve the following: A: stop and repair breakage; B: Grow his hair as long as possible; C: Finish the transition with a routine that is as natural as possible. I would like to get his hair to look like the last photo even if it takes a few years.Please see photos of his hair as it looks at this time.The extra photo is a group or items I bought off the internet - I've used none but the kids conditioner to the left of the photo.Please advise if I need to replace these with products on this site if they would be safer and do a better job.My best regards.Michael.

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