Can you permanently brush out a child's curl pattern?

HELP! My daughter was born with natural Shirley Temple curls. I would do her hair everyday (brush it while using a kids' detangling spray). By age 4-5, her hair became wavy to the point of being nearly straight in some areas. Around this time, her hair grew very long (from upper back to below the waist). I did research & learned that curl patterns change with age and also can loosen with length, so I thought nothing of it. Now my daughter is 9, and as I'm learning more about her hair, I think she has hair damage. Since losing her curl pattern, her hair has become very thin and dry. Her hair looks very stringy most of the time. I keep trying natural hair products but it's difficult cause even the slightest oil weighs it down because it's so thin. When I wash her hair, I also noticed that she has this stringy, dry, straight canopy, but her underlayer toward the very back still has natural curls & waves. I also see some waves around her front edges. They look so healthy compared to the canopy & I began wondering is it possible I brushed out her natural curls throughout the years? Is it reversible & if yes, which products can I use? I do not like curl gels, mousse etc., just something more natural like conditioners & oils that can help bring out her natural curls. If her hair truly just changed, what products do you recommend for the stringy, dry, & thin parts to promote hair health? Below is a picture of her hair on a "good day."Thank you so much!Xox

1 Answer

Yeah, manipulating the hair too often can certainly cause damage resulting in limper curls. I would say take her to a professional to get a trim; her edges are looking a little dead, and focus more on hydrating the hair by deep conditioning possibly every week or two weeks to bring back the hair's elasticity. I would also recommend a wide toothed combed as opposed to a boar bristle brush or a many bristled brush. Please tell me if I missed anything, and good luck!