Products for toddler with fine, low density, low porosity and mostly 3B

Hi, need help with my DD's hair!  I would love to find one or two products to do everything we need, because it's pretty difficult to follow a complicated routine with a toddler.  Priorities are #1 natural, organic, low toxins #2 de-tangle (brushing is becoming increasingly difficult - lots of little knots on the ends) #3 frizz control/curl definition.  Thanks!

1 Answer

you should use mix chicks products look it on google cuz i use this line on my sisters. one of them have 3a hair the other 3b. i used it to cuz i have 3b hair and sometimes on my other sister who have 4a. this product not just for mix people almost every hair type can you it and it is gentle for kids i love it.