Is there any products that can grow 4c kids hair. Tired of following regimen and nothing happen.

my daughter has 4c hair..I try several products and all that happens is her hair gets soft and yes I have been doing protective styling but it just not doesn't look good but it's healthy..I need it to grow she is six n her father doesn't want her to get extensions or prcessed...I am fed up helpI have seen nice 4c it's the worst short 4c ever it can't even comb in a jiffy the sides roll

1 Answer

Hair growth is a natural process that can't really be sped up. As long as you haven't noticed her hair breaking, it is growing, however slowly. She's six so as she gets older, that may change and her hair may grow faster. Staying away from extensions and processing is a GREAT idea. Extensions put weight on and pull out hair and processing will make the hair thinner and more prone to breakage. Neither of those would help. If her hair is soft and healthy, then eventually it will grow. I had to have a lot of patience for this--it took a year for me to realize I had about 5 inches of hair growth in a year's time. I know, I'm not a psychologist, but I would strongly encourage you to find a way to be positive in front of her about the way it looks because she is listening to, and feeling your frustration about it. I say that based on personal experience. I'm in my late 20s and to this day what my mom says about my hair or appearance still affects the way I feel about it. Right now you could try to use some cute headbands and whatever simple cute stuff (accessories) you can do with her hair right now. You can make it fun and let her pick some colorful headbands out and if that's all she can do with her hair now, for one thing, that should be a lot less stress for you, because it's simple and for another thing she can have fun with it and start having a positive attitude about her hair, even if you aren't really happy with it right now, you can help her to feel good about it. Sooo important, right?--for her to start feeling good about her hair at an early age.If her hair is thinning in any area or even if you want to apply all over the scalp, you could get some Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Massage some into the scalp (not the hair, it can be slightly drying to hair) every day. I have seen my sister and my other sister's daughter have some good results with it. My sister saw a short patch of hair finally grow with the rest of her hair. My niece was balding in some areas when she was a baby and my sister used it on her and either she grew out of that phase or the oil was effective.I feel your struggle and I really hope this helps!!