Question for my 13 month old. Should I stick to the kids line of any product?

I've done the porosity test on her hair and I think I know her hair type. Low porosity and 4A hair

1 Answer

Yes and no. Its fine to only use children's lines on her hair but the most important thing for anything you use in her hair is to be aware of the ingredients in the product. As long as it doesnt contain alcohols or too many sulfates and parabens etc it should be fine. You dont want to use anything too elaborate ingredient-wise because she's still so young. I used a detangler by a brand I honestly forgot but it was the kids line on my daughters hair when she was 3 and I had to stop because it was making her hair so dry. Later discovered it had alcohol in it and that was why. So just be mindful of what youre using. I hope this helps, xo :)