How to get rid of tangles at or near the scalp ?

My daughter has a lot of hair, buts it's very fine and breaks easily. The issue we are having is it tangles at or near the scalp making it very hard to detangle and almost impossible to part. I normally co-wash her hair then detangle with knot to day or a conditioner.  I have also tried multiple different concoctions including spraying the hair with a mix of water,hair oil, and conditioner to detangle . Please help !! 

1 Answer

Hi!  I, too, tend to get lots of tangles near my scalp, and it is very frustrating.  A product called the Tangle Teaser has been very, very helpful to get rid of those little tangles.  They carry it at Sally's.  It's a brush/comb that sits in the palm of your hand.  I use it when my hair is loaded with deep conditioner.  I'll use that first throughout my hair.  Then followup with a regular wide tooth comb.  Hope this helps!