Simplest routine??

Daughter has super dry hair.  Currently wash 1-2 times a week (Shea Moisture curl shampoo/cond) and use Carol's Daughter curl refresher at least once a day. I've tried Shea Moisture curl spray but it tends to leave her hair sticky and is still dry very quickly.  Tried Aveda humectant and again still very dry. She's 20 months. Trying to keep it simple, but the dryness is killing me. Looks like a rat nest in back at the end of the day ((and she sleep on her tummy)!  Also tried Just For Me and Cantu- nothing. 

1 Answer

maybe try to spritz some water and then use some coconut oil to seal it. My sister does this to her son and he has thick soft hair. Also mabye try putting braids in or another protective style if her hair is long enough to protect her ends.