this is for my daughter she is biracial going to be 2. is there a safe to use to relax her hair?

6 Answers

I realize this is none of my business, but relaxing your daughter's hair from a very young age is going to make her think her natural hair is not beautiful, or normal! And, although I have no experience with hair relaxing, it seems it might damage her hair or make it break so when she's older she could have very short, or damaged hair.Again, not trying to offend just giving my opinion!
You're daughter is too young to get a relaxer. the chemicals could result in very serious injury. Instead try styling her hair while it is wet. This will make it easier fit you to manage. 
You should buy the Curly Girl Handbook. It's 100% worth it, and you'll learn how to raise your daughter and do her curly hair properly! Please help her to love and embrace her hair! 
Please don't relax your daughter's hair.  Nasty chemicals. And it sends the wrong message.  Spend some time on this site and learn how to properly care for her natural hair 
Heres a video on how to detangle curly hair and another on how to wash curly hair in the bathtub, and theres a multitude more of videos on how to do curly hair on children! another one