What can I do to make my daughter's hair grow. She has 3c hair. She gets her hair pressed and flat

iron once a month. She oils her hair with tea tree oil and sometimes olive oil. Should I take her to the shop and get her ends clip and have them install the "just for me" in her hair so she can wear it natural. I need help.

3 Answers

Our hair grows about 1/2 inch per month as long as we're getting the right nutrition. So make sure she's eating right and she should get the maximum growth. You might try to talk her out of the pressing; that's just damaging her hair.
Hey there,I too have 3c hair but it grows pretty quickly. It didnt 't always. I used to have tons of breakage from relaxers and straightening. I say if you want to see growth, chill on the heat, wear protective styles, and read this.
i do scalp massages with castor oil  about twice a week and cut about an inch or more off every two months