what can i use for an extremely tenderheaded sensitive 7year old with 4C hair

4 Answers

To detangle?
To detangle. To do from start to finish. She cries everytime I touch her. I and I cry every time I think about it. She mostly wears cornrows or two strand twists. Both are an effort for anyone involved.
When you wash her hair make sure you load it up with conditioner. Try using Herbal Essences Hello Hydration. Let that sit in her hair for about 10 minutes and then slowly use your fingers to detangle. You can also use the Tangle Teaser which has been know to help detangle hair. Never detangle when hair is dry. Always start detangling from the ends to the roots. You can read more here.
If you can go to the doctor free of charge, I suggest you do so to rule out anything else going on with her scalp. She could have eczema, for example, and it's very treatable. She might not yet be able to articulate why she finds it painful, other than it just does.