What products or solutions do you have for really thick curly hair?

my 11yeR old has very pretty curly hair but it gets "big" the longer she wears it down. We tried texturing it but not sure we did enough. Didn't know if there was a way to do too much? I don't want to use anything that would damage her hair. 

3 Answers

Thank the heavens! :) For real, everyone I know wants thicker hair. If you must, and I feel your pain because detangling curly hair requires muscle and time, there are some smoothing systems out there that help tame frizz. I cannot vouch for it but reviews often claim the tend to be a lot less harsh than relaxers. Otherwise, like my mom did me, you can put her hair in braids and keep it moisturized when it out. My hair also get bigger and bigger the drier it gets.  My 5 day hair is ridiculous.
Try Pro Naturals Hair Care System, their products is are pretty good!
Hey! For dry and damaged hair then Pro Natural’s deep conditioner is the best. I use it with all the time and it got my hair back to normal ages ago, lol. Still use it though. It must be the argan oil, that's the holy grail for damaged hair. They're available online. I know it's not a kind of DIY solution for damaged hair, but then it's worth to buy on those stuffs.