What's the best way to get rid of tangles with young kids?

My niece's hair is very fine, very curly and very tangly. She screams when it's detangled and it's making her hate her hair. Any suggestions?

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Try doing it while the hair is soaking wet in the bathtub. And make sure you don't start combing from the scalp, because that will most likely hurt them. Try holding on to the hair a couple inches below the scalp and do it softly, little by little. Add a detangler that's light enough for kids, like these:

Watch this video on how we suggest detangling curly kiddos hair:

You Have To get it wet, dont do it on dry hair cause that hurts a lot. A detangler sprsh dos the job.

When I was a kid, it was always a task to brush out my knotted hair. Try to get the tangles out when wet, and be sure to use copious amounts of conditioner for ease!

Try using a detangler spray. I used it alot when i was little and it worked!

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