Younger Sister HAIR HELP

my younger sister is 13 she has been natural for a while now. when we were younger my mom relaxed her hair which ruined the curl in her hair. the back portion of her hair slightly curls when wet the rest of her hair does not but when it dries the curl is gone. if anyone has any tips on hair care, how to get her curl back(dont really think big chop is an option),protective styles,etc. it would be appreciated!i bought shea butter does anyone have any good treatments or leave ins associated with it?A lil info: she goes to a dominican hair salon almost every 2 weeks, most of the time sulfate free shampoo is used, if not olive oil shampoo is used, below is a picture of her texture when wet.

1 Answer

try hairstyles like bandu knots! they are perfect . also she musnt ever use heat to her hair . she should keep her hair moisturized .  i guess thats all :)