can I plop/plunk my hair over night while sleeping? cg method

hi, Im new to the curly girl method (cg). I was wondering is it ok to go to bed while your hair is plopped with a t-shirt? like keep the t-shirt on overnight? or just for some minutes. How many minutes. I wash my hair at night so which would be best?

1 Answer

Hi! I am 3b too. I keep my hair tied up in a t-shirt or micro fibre towel at night every so often, since I usually wash it at night. It certainly hasn't done any damage (it usually feels softer than if I'd rolled around on it), but you'll want to make sure it's wrapped up tight enough that it doesn't rub your hair too much if you move around a lot in your sleep, since that won't be good for frizz. Your hair will likely still be wet in the morning though, especially if it is thick. If your hair is very wet when you go to bed I would still stick a towel on top of the pillow (it shouldn't damage your hair unless your hair comes undone) to protect the pillow from soggy hair and t-shirt. What I would also advise is sticking a t-shirt on your hair to absorb the actual dripping, and then changing it over for a dry one just before you go to bed (only if your hair is still quite wet, if not, don't bother wrapping it up again because the drier it gets the more disturbing it creates frizz) because otherwise your hair will be seriously soaked in the morning and so will your shirt and pillow. If you don't want to go to bed with your hair plopped, try to plop for a good 15 mins.Good luck with CG!