CG Method not working -.-

Hi everyone! Im new to the site so this s my first question :)I've been cowashing for about a month now, and I am, as you can tell, a little impatient because I have not seen any improvement at all since I started. I kinda feel like the whole process has actually made my curls look more like weird shapeless waves :/ (Im 2c-3a)Im currently using VO5 conditioner, and no styling products. I find that anything I put in my hair after washing it makes it heavy and dull and doesnt help me hold the curl. I am from Argentina and here it is surprisingly hard to find cg friendly products, same with all the natural oils and alternatives plus they're really expensive, so that makes it harder to find something that works :PI've tried rake and shake, scrunching with a cotton t shirt (which seems to work) but my curls do not hold for longer than a day. And since I went CG they get flat and stiff :/ Plus Im really bad at not touching my hair at all because it just falls on my face and I either put it behind my ear or give up and pin it :PMy question is what else can I do for my hair, styling wise, that doesnt require me to spend a ton of money or time and helps me get my curls defined for at least 2 days?Im seriously about to give up the CG method, Im not happy about it :(

3 Answers

It doesn't work for everyone. If you don't like it, don't do it! I would try adding in a styling product, though, before giving up. Most curlies must use a styling product to get any kind of decent curl. 
I have read that those who have type 2 curls don't really see as much difference or as much "success" per se with the CG method as those with tighter curl patterns. But I also suggest trying a styling product of some kind before giving up!
try swiching to a sulfate free shampoo instead of co washing! I think it would really help.