Devacurl makes my hair greasy - are there any alternatives?

I have type 2a-2b dyed blonde hair.I started using Devacurl No Poo 3 weeks ago, and my curls really are fuller and bouncier, which is nice.However, when I leave my hair naturally curly I have to then cleanse it the next day - I can't get two days out of it because it is too greasy at the roots and my curls just generally look messy.If I have used heat styling to curl my hair, then I can just about get another day out of it without cleansing.Can anyone recommend any alternatives to Devacurl or another product that might not make my hair so greasy?I really want to stick to the No-Poo thing!Thanks

1 Answer

If you are only using the No Poo, you have to make sure you are using silicone free stylers. If you aren't, I suggest switching to Deva Curl's Low Poo instead, its a sulfate free cleanser that is very gentle on the hair. Make sure you concentrate on your scalp  too. Otherwise, stick to the No Poo, and use silicone free products but make sure to clarify your hair once in a while too.