Do you wet your hair everyday?

So I know it's unhealthy to wash hair everyday, but do you wet it and style it, or just try to fix your bed-head? I get really frizzy and lose a lot of my curls when I sleep, so I'm not sure I'd be able to manage without at least wetting down my puffy hair, unless I do an up-do. 

1 Answer

Well, there are many ways to preserve styles.  You can pineapple at night and make sure that you moisturize your hair at night if it lacks moisture, and there are several other ways to preserve styles.  Look around the forums a bit and find out more about things that you can do to keep your hair alive until your next wash day.  You don't necessarily have to wash your hair every single day, but water is the best moisturizer.  I spritz my hair with water every morning and night, and I seal it with olive oil.  I wash one to two times a week.  So...techincally, I do wet my hair every day, but I don't get crazy with the water until wash day.