We were encourage not to use any shampoo but I see tons of shampoos displayed, use shampoo or dont?

2 Answers

Cleansing is important. A healthy scalp leads to healthy hair. You can achieve this with a sulfate-free shampoo, bentonite clay, and other cleansing options. Co-washing is a great in-between refresher that mildly cleanses and moisturizes the hair without completely depleting the moisture, but it is not sufficient for a thorough cleansing.
It all depends on the individual. I personally shampoo my hair once a week. Cowashing simply didn't work well for my hair & me. My hair actually does better with the weekly shampoos! I've found that there are some shampoos that will strip the hair dry, but SheaMoisture shampoos are pretty moisturizing and clarify well. Hope this helps!