Excessive hair shedding while i did cowashing by tresemme naturals conditioner..

I shifted to cowashing when i learnt about shampoos...but sometimes my hair sheds too much....Also Im using silicone free conditioner of tresemme natural.Additionally,i do not use a comb for detangling!Thankyou for the help!!!

2 Answers

when straight hair sheds, it just slides easily off the hair and falls to the ground. this doesn't happen with curly hair because it tends to get stuck in the ringlets and then we notice it when we wash. it's important to do a good cleanse with a sulfate free cleanser at least once a week. just like you won't clean your hands with lotion, you won't get the best results with a conditioner...... there are safe cleansers out there. avoid silicones, sulfates and products that weigh down your hair. my blog is super helpful because i explained about this in a few different notes. ShaiAmiel.tumblr.com
Maybe you need to try using all natural products and more oils plus deep conditioners to enhance your natural curls .  After or while conditioner is in hair try using a wide  tooth comb to loosen tangles to define curls and softness .