How can I stop using shampoo when cleansing and co washing leaves product on my hair??

Hey!! I live in sub Saharan Africa :( and it's very dry here so I have to use tons of products just to keep my hair from being a crisp. It's still frizzy regardless :/. I purchased curly q's this summer so I could quit sulphates but it doesn't remove the excess oil and buildup I still look like a wet rat after using it! I need sulphates! Can you recommend a gentle shampoo or harsh and effective cleansing cream? 

2 Answers

What other products are you using that might be causing the buildup? You might want to be sure you're not using anything that is water insoluble. Products with (most) silicones, for example. won't wash out with just plain water, so you want to avoid those ingredients.
That's could be the other products causing buildup. But for me, if I don't use sulfates my hair gets greasy and then product gets stuck in it. So that is most likely your problem. What I do is only shampoo twice a cleansing, no cowash, just plain shampoo but only twice. That's usually all I need to keep my hair clean and I won't be greasy or have product build up. Hope that helps.