Should I start using a sulfate-free shampoo?

My roots appear to be "clumping" together (I'm not sure what to call it) and it looks like greasiness to me. I haven't used shampoo in 4 months and I have been cowashing but even if I condition or deep condition my hair it looks like this afterward. Should I just start using a sulfate-free shampoo on my scalp? I stopped using shampoo because my hair was frizzy everywhere even at my roots. I also feel like I should clarify that I don't put anything on my roots to make them this greasy, and when I put conditioner on I make sure to massage it in my scalp thoroughly

2 Answers

I hope you cleansed your hair with something , because not washing your hair for 4 months isn't the best thing for your hair .You're roots are greasy because your natural hair oils have been built up for 4 months Co washing is nice but it does not cleanse the hair of build up . co washing is a substitute for not washing so often , to make it easier to style curly hair , and to not damage hair from being so dry from over washing with a shampoo. I did the same thing once , I co washed for about 2 months When I went to flat iron my hair , it had so much build up and it was so oily, even though I hadn't put any product in it . I learned about my natural oil build up and I never co washed for that long again .You  have to treat you hair somewhat like your actual body.You wouldn't go 4 months not washing your body but just applying lotion on your body ever other day would you ? The dirt  and sweat in your body would build up and you would just apply lotion on top  of all of the dirt , but that wouldn't do anything for your body. I understand that you have frizzy roots when you wash. It's ok , everyone gets frizzyness.I'll add a video for you at the end of this answer for the frizz.But yes , you should start using a sulfate free shampoo. I don't know how often you would wash your hair before the 4 months but here is a regimen I use:Shampoo Wash on Monday Co wash on Wednesday Co wash on Friday Shampoo wash the upcoming Monday And I just let it rotate like that .I hope I could be of somewhat help 
Co-washing doesn't work for everyone. In fact, I shampoo every day & if I do choose to co-wash, I have to shampoo the next day, otherwise my hair gets very greasy & my scalp gets irritated. Believe me, I've tried many different co-wash products & have followed the co-wash procedure to the letter. It's just not for me.I would definitely try adding a shampoo day to your week & see how it goes. You may even consider doing a clarifying shampoo for the first time to get you started. Depending on the other products you've been using, you may have a layer of build-up that's causing your roots to be greasy & you need to remove it before using a sulfate-free shampoo. It's not that a sulfate-free shampoo doesn't clean, but they aren't as good as a clarifying shampoo at removing build-up.