I want to try curly girl but I have to use itchy-scalp specific shampoo. Any suggestions?

I have type 3A curls and I've seen things about Curly Girl for a long time. I'd love to  try it, but the problem is I have a very, very itchy scalp. I've been using Head & Shoulders for a few years consistently because it cuts out the itchiness. If I stop using for even a couple days my head itches like crazy.It does have sulfates and things in it though, so I was wondering if there was a sulfate free shampoo I could use that would still get rid of itching? Or any other suggestions? Thanks :)

4 Answers

I have a tea tree shampoo from trader joes and what I do is add some extra tea tree oil that you can get from GNC. I pour a few extra drops into the shampoo and the tingle is amazing when it touches your scalp!!!!! However , the oil can be use for multiple purposes too!!! Also, on certain days I have a more itchy scalp than usual and running late, I put some on my finger tips and massage it into my scalp....
You could get a prescription for the itchy scalp, rather than using the special shampoo. Possibly an eczema lotion (it's a liquid).
I am the same way. I used to use head and shoulders for that same reason and whenever I'd try to switch shampoo and conditioner, my scalp would itch. I have eczema but it comes and goes. I just use the tea tree shampoo that Mizz_yami mentions above and it really does work. No more itching :) Also, sometimes certain products make my scalp itch but with olive oil (or probably tea tree oil) just a bit on my scalp makes it almost instantly feel better.
Try tea tree shampoo. Here's the top tea tree shampoos curly girls love:http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/curl-pro...