Is there anything really bad about not using shampoo?

Are you sure it's safe? I mean really safe? 

2 Answers

I've always heard its good to not use shampoo because it strips your hair of natural oils? Obviously you have to still wash it but not as often?:)
Not using shampoo will be very beneficial to your hair if you do it right! If you're going to start using no shampoo on your hair then you need to make sure that any gels, mousses etc you use on your hair to style do NOT have any silicone products in. Silicone builds up on your hair and can make your hair feel dirty/itchy/matted/. Silicones are only removed by sulfates, which are found in most shampoos and are the very thing that make shampoo damaging to curls. Sulfates strip hair of natural oils and cause frizz! :)