Why isnt co washing working for me?

everytime i co wash, i gee buildup on my hair very fast. I love co washing but dirty hair bothers me a lot.  Do i have buildup because the co wash does not work effectively on my hair or am i applying too much product on my hair? I shampoo every week and i want to get back into co washing. Help if u can please! Xo

2 Answers

I'm the same way so I don't co-wash anymore. You could just apply a bit of shampoo to your roots each time you wash your hair or else maybe using a baking soda rinse every once in a while before you co-wash.
Hi Loving3bcurls, Cowashing has the same effect on me. My scalp gets oily fast so I just stopped. Some people are just not cowashers, and that's okay! As long as you're using a gentle, sulfate free shampoo your hair should be fine. Remember, you want something gentle and strong enough to keep your scalp clean. If you're adamant about cowashing, though, then try these tips: - scrub your scalp with your fingertips...but not too hard. That might just stimulate more sebum. - use a light conditioner that won't add too much moisture. Something like V05 is light enough and gets the job done. Anything thick will leave you with a sticky scalp.- Use a clarifying shampoo every two weeks. You need to get rid of buildup. It happens with every one who uses products...whether you cowash or not. So don't forget to clarify! Hope that helps. Good luck!