So many methods, so much frustration!!!

I'd been trying the "Water only Rinse" Method for my hair. I have not used actual sulfate free shampoo in about two weeks. True, hair has a transition period, but my scalp was as dry as a desert. So, upon hearing that Apple Cider vinegar helps to regulate the pH balance (possibly helping me to produce more sebum), before rinsing and de tangling I decided to try ACV and "scritch".Long story short, my ends are now very, very dry and my scalp is meh. My ends were dry even before this method!This wasn't the only time that I noticed that after an ACV rinse my ends were dry, either. Back when I was relaxed (2yrs ago) boards/vlogs and videos said cold water and ACV rinses helped to close the cuticle for HIGH porosity hair. Now that I am LOW porosity? The same issue applies.Thankfully, I am not really experiencing split ends.  But ends that seem to be overly dry.  And I just trimmed my hair 2 weeks ago!!!

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