Oily scalp, dry hair. Should I be using cleansing conditioner?

Serious struggle. I'm a guy who is worried about hair loss and have a big deal against products that speed up the proccess. I'm currently in the process of growing my hair out. I heard cleansing conditioners are bad for hair loss. I've been using a lot of essential oils, but my scalp gets minor pimples. I also don't wash my hair daily because it easily dries out. I usually have to add tons of oil to achieve the hair in the photos I've posted. I was wondering if I should be adding more oils to my hair and less to the scalp, and also what type of hair product should I use that is beneficial for both my hair and scalp in my case? 

1 Answer

I would use less oils on the scalp so as not to cause breakouts. I haven't heard of cleansing conditioners speeding up hair loss. But, I would ask Sister Scientist on FB she's a chemist and a curly girl. I'm a huge fan of Shea Moisture brand. They have several lines like Jamaican Black Castor Oil for growth and the Yucca & Plantain line for breakage. That's a great place to start. The former has a really moisturizing leave in conditioner that feels like oil once it's in your hands so that might be great for your ends! It's a little too much for my fine hair. The Yucca shampoo is gentler and I like the Coconut and Hibiscus line as well. I found that my particular hair didn't like the JMBCO shampoo but that doesn't mean yours wouldn't. Indian Clay with bentonite is an option for an oily scalp but you would need to up your conditioning game b/c it will absorb oils at your scalp but then it will touch the length of your hair and ends as it's being rinsed out. You should be conditioning every time you cleanse and also using moisturizing styling/leave in type products and then deep conditioning at least 3-4x a month probably. Avoid your roots with the leave in and make sure you rinse the scalp well in the shower. A Tshirt to dry your hair is better than a towel and a satin pillow case will be less absorptive than cotton and won't pull the moisture out of your hair as much. Best!