Is it okay to co wash everyday? I have type 3b, coarse, low porosity hair.

I use Garnier Frutics Damage eraser conditioner and Ampro Pro Style Clear Ice Protien Gel

1 Answer

Yeah it's fine to co-wash daily!  I co wash every 1-2 days and my hair is the healthiest it's been! i co wash daily cause my hair loves cowashing daily, and my hair usually gets matted and tangled second day.  If your hair likes it u should do it.  I just hop into the shower, massage my scalp with as i am coconut cowash, rinse and condition with tresemme naturals, leave it in, apply my styler (Mixed chicks leave in or curl enhancing smoothie or s.m. yucca and plantain milk), scrunch and wrap in a microfiber towel until dry (45 min-1hour).  It's really simple.  I thought I was the only one who co washed daily.  (3b/3c)