Is it product build up at roots?

I've been using the yes 2 blueberry conditioner to wash my 2a type hair and the mid-ends of my hair are looking great but the roots (especially at the back of my head) feel, not greasy, but maybe like I haven't washed it out properly and straightaway (when my hair has dried). I feel like I'm washing it out for long enough, is my conditioner not right??

1 Answer

I felt the same way. I rinsed so much and still my roots felt waxy too fast. The truth is, co-wahsing is a good in between option but you do need to shampoo as well! Now, I go max 2 co-washes (because I have oilier skin and scalp) and I always use a real conditioner for my ends and don't rely on the lighter thinner one I co-wash with to give my ends what it needs!  I like Shea Moisture Superfruit 10in1 shampoo but you could try the Yes to Carrots or Cucumber shampoo. My hair didn't respond well to the cleansing agent in those but yours might. It matted my hair like crazy and the hair loss was frightening! I even use a sulfate shampoo to really clarify my hair every few months as needed. If you have finer hair you may need this more than if you have thicker or coarser hair. I also use the SM Superfruit 10 in 1 deep conditioner.